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welcome Welcome INTERFACES A collaborative network
to solve conservation problems
is an engineering consulting firm
for Cultural Heritage Conservation
Operating at a national, European
and international level
Interfaces Why INTERFACES?
together are INTERFACES
and the
for us INTERFACES means
frontiers, contact zones,
where different things meet,
affecting each other,
finding new equilibrium
Interfaces MURAL PAINTINGS Architectural surfaces Building structures They are all INTERFACES Interfaces Historic constructions are made of interfaces,
tangibly and not:
building & decoration, science & art, structure & surface, engineering & conservation
welcome we developpe This is why tailored solutions A COMPREHESIVE APPROACH
due to mechanical factors Specific Diagnostic for Degradations for RESTORATION Management Consulting & Interfaces individual consideration Thus, for us,
every historic construction
is different
and requires an
to be effectively conserved
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book Pitture Murali, i degradi di origine meccanica Manuale per restauratori ed ingegneri (Mural Paintings, degradations due to mechanical factors.
Handbook for restorers and engineers)
“Pitture Murali esamina il collegamento tra il comportamento
meccanico delle strutture architettoniche e gli effetti prodotti
sulle pitture murali..."

(TR: Mural Paintings examines the connection between the
mechanical behavior of architectural structures and the
effects produced on wall paintings...)
Read the summary (IT)
review "The future to be hoped for restoration (IT)" by Bruno Zanardi Il Giornale dell'Arte, 05/2015 "Leggendo il bel libro di Simona Sajeva Pitture murali.
I degradi di origine meccanica. Manuale per restauratori ed
ingegneri (272 pp, Dei Tipografia del Genio Civile, Roma 2014,
€ 28,00), primo d’un’annunciata serie di manuali per il restauro,
appunto, dei dipinti murali, mi sono chiesto se...."

(TR: ""Reading the beautiful book by Simona Sajeva
Mural paintings: Degrades due to mechanical factors:
Handbook for restorers and engineers (272 pp, Dei Tipografia
del Genio Civile, Rome 2014, € 28.00), the first of an announced
series of manuals for the restoration, in fact, of the
wall paintings, I wondered if .... "
Read the full review (IT)