Who we are

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INTERFACES Engineering applied to Conservation

Is an Italian technical consulting firm for Cultural Heritage Conservation, with a strong Europeen network, especially French.

It arises from Simona Sajeva’s wish to create collaborative networks to provide effective responses to the conservation of the decorated architectural surfaces.

This activity is based on 15 years of experience and research focused on the influence of the building on its artistic surfaces and develops integrated services for their conservation.

This is the essence of INTERFACES

to integrate the structures and the decorations of the building, in a global approach, by developing technical solutions, complementary to other disciplines contributions, in a way shareable with professionals from heterogeneous fields.

Our commitment to the enforcement of interdisciplinary approach is also reflected in our training and outreach activities.

Studying the building structures, detecting the problems, finding the solutions, listening to other professionals, answering to their needs, this is what INTERFACES is about.