Mural Paintings

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our Services ASSISTANCE AND CONSULTING FOR CONSERVATION - Technical Assistance prior to restoration and/or for the restoration works
- Analysis of the deterioration due to mechanical factors
- Risk Assessment
- Tailored Solutions for the restoration
- Tailored Technical Documentation
- Preliminary study prior to restoration
- Technical Study (relationship with the building-environment)
- Analysis of degradations and causes
- Analysis of the deformations
- Preliminary study of the stability conditions
- Evaluation of the of the structures suitability for the painting conservation
- Analysis of the deformational behaviour
- Solutions for the conservation and restoration
- Interventions design
- Emergency management
When we look at a mural painting (a fresco), we are in front of an architectural structure.
For us their conservation is indissolubly bound to the building that they decorate.

We see Mural Paintings (frescoes) as pictures on architecture, that obey the laws of engineering.

To conserve them we looks at both, the pictorial as well the structural aspects.
ENGINEERING STUDY How does it works Our approach
How does it works How does it works DIRECT COOPERATION TENDERS N.G.O. 3 degrees of cooperation are possible: Degrees are modular and can be calibrate to match any kind of project, from starting to ongoing.

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I - Survey
II - Diagnostic
III - Solutions design & management
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