What we do

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Engineering brings to Conservation technical answers, accurate documentation, organization, prioritizing. A path that integrates and valorises contributions from different disciplines.


INTERFACES aims to introduce the analysis of architectural support in the conservation of architectural decorations, from the preliminary study to the restoration intervention.

This approach requires many competencies, working together.

For this reason, for us technical solutions are as important as the ability to make them shareable. This becomes more sensitive when it comes to the architectural decorated surfaces and to mural paintings (frescoes).


We strongly believe in the interdisciplinary approach and in knowledge sharing, this is why we also publish our findings extensively.

The firm merges the Italian tradition in Conservation with international experience and collaboration.


We have no headquarter in the traditional sense; we work and cooperate regardless where the Cultural Heritage site is, operating at a national, European and international.

This organisation ensures that we can quickly deliver the right team, or join an existing one, with the right experience and expertise, to heterogeneous kind of problems, in different places.

Would like to know more about integration between architectural structures and decorated surfaces conservation?